Digital Copy
The general price for a digital copy of any picture is 9.50 CAD. After the payment is processed, I will provide you a link from which you can easily download the picture as a high resolution image file.

The prices of prints vary depending on the size and the framing (no frame vs. glass frame vs. canvas). Here is a list of my prices for prints (before shipping)...

Size in " Print only Glass frame Canvas

4 x 6
5.00 CAD
13.00 CAD

5 x 7
7.00 CAD
15.50 CAD

8 x 10
8.50 CAD
18.00 CAD
42.00 CAD

8 x 12
8.50 CAD
19.50 CAD

11 x 14
17.50 CAD
29.00 CAD
55.00 CAD

12 x 18
19.00 CAD
53.00 CAD
70.00 CAD

16 x 20
24.00 CAD
58.00 CAD

Shipping in Canada is available starting at 2.00 CAD (for simple 4 x 6 prints). The shipping costs are depending on the size and product (simple print vs. framed etc...). If you have any specific request (shipping to a country other than Canada, different print size, special frame etc.), please reach out to me at anne@throughanneslens.com... I am sure we will find a solution.